Mental Fitness Game Plan - How to cope with injury

A practical game plan designed to provide coach and athlete with tools on effectively managing injury.

What you'll learn

Signs and symptoms of injury

Practical ways coaches can support their athletes

How to get ready for the first game back

How athletes can look after themselves throughout injury


Welcome to your mental fitness game plan. Game plans are short conversational style videos that have been developed to help coaches and athletes learn how to maintain mental fitness. Within the game plans we will focus on real life practical problems that both athletes and coaches face.  The aim of game plan is to be able to provide both audiences with some simple takeaways that they can use in the present moment during a conversation.

For many performers within the world of sport injuries are natural and common part of their game. Psychologically injuries can have a large impact on an athletes wellbeing and mental health. This game plan has been developed to support both coach and athlete through the psychological process of injury. It provides coaches with knowledge of the psychological signs and symptoms of injury and looks at ways they can practically support their athlete moving forward. As well as this the game plan provides athletes with techniques on how to look after themselves and how they can prepare for their first game back.

Course Content

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Course content

1. Signs and symptoms of injury
1 Lecture

What to be aware of


2. The coaches role
1 Lecture

How coaches can practically support athletes


2. The athletes role
1 Lecture

Am I good at managing injury?


4. The first game back
1 Lecture

Getting ready for the first game back


Course materials

1 file

  • Mental Fitness Game Plan


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