Mental fitness action plan for students

It can be tricky balancing studying with everything else that may be going on in a student’s life. With this mental health infographic we look at the questions students can ask themselves to help with their mental fitness and how to spot any potential obstacles that may prevent them from reaching a state of well-being and feeling calm.

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  1. What have previous setbacks taught me about myself? The positives and negatives.
  2. What would I do differently to cope better with previous setbacks?
  3. What can trigger me to feel unwell and how can I deal with this?
  4. What things can I keep doing daily that will keep me mentally well?
  5. What things can I keep doing daily that will keep my physically well?
  6. How often should I engage in things that keep me mentally well? Where can I schedule them into my week?
  7. what can others do to help me stay mentally fit?
  8. Who can I reach out to if I am struggling?
  9. What places can I go to for extra support if I feel unwell? E.g. charities or local doctor.
  10. What activities can I engage in that calm both my mind and body?
  11. What are some helpful coping strategies I can engage in on a regular basis?
  12. Who can I share my action plan with? How can they support me to stick with it?
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