Mental fitness action plan for athletes

The team at BelievePerform have created an action plan to help athletes tune into their performance, set goals and incorporate positive behaviours.

Work through the following questions in order and build your very own mental health action plan to help look after your mental health.

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Q – What psychological characteristics/strengths do I have that help me to stay mentally fit?

Q – How good am I at these things already? (Scale 0 – 10)

Q- Where would my coach, parent, friend, rate me on these characteristics?

Q – Which ones can I keep working on that will make me stronger?

Q – What do I need to have in place to make sure I am building good habits?

Q- What opportunities do I have to practise these skills?

Q – What helpful behaviours will allow me to stay mentally fit? How often should I engage in them?

Q – How can I tell if I have developed? What will I see myself doing more or less of? What will I worry less about? Who will I talk more with?

Q – What can others do to help me stay mentally well?

Q – Who can I share my own plan with and how can they help me?

Q – How will I know when my mental fitness levels start to drop?

Q – If my mental fitness levels start to drop who can I reach out to for help?

Q – If my mental health fitness levels start to drop what helpful things can I do that will make me feel better?

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