Managing Worry in Sport

Work through a variety of psychological techniques to take back control of your worry

What you'll learn

How to become more aware of worry

How to get back in control of your worry

How to use worry time

How to use problem solving to overcome worry


For many athletes performing at the highest level can cause a certain degree of worry or anxiety which can lead to a number of negative consequences including unhelpful thinking patterns and physiological symptoms (increased heart rate, muscle tension, sweating). Performing at the highest level requires a certain mindset and attitude where athletes view stress and pressure as a challenge rather than a threat.

Within this training plan we are going to provide you with some strategies to help you become more aware of your worry and identify the difference between hypothetical and practical worries. We are going to introduce you to worry time which is an exercise to help you take back control of your worry and finally we will explore how you can effectively problem solve when faced with practical worries.

Course Content

Course Materials

Course content

1 Lecture

Welcome to your training plan


1 Lecture

An introduction to managing worry in sport


Understanding worry
5 Lectures

What is worry?


Triggers and the impact of worry


What maintains worry?


Hypothetical Vs. practical worries


How do people manage their worries


Worry awareness
1 Lecture

Becoming aware of your worry


Worry time
5 Lectures

Worry time - Step 1


Worry time - Step 2


Worry time - Step 3a


Worry time - Step 3b


Worry time - Step 4


How to problem solve
2 Lectures

Problem solving and worry


Using problem solving


Course materials

4 files

  • 7 steps to worry time
  • My Worry Diary
  • Problem Solving Worksheet 1
  • Problem Solving Worksheet 2


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