How to motivate children in sport

Promote and inspire confidence in children when playing sport by using these straight forward tips.

The BelievePerform experts examine how to best engage with children, provide feedback and be a role model to encourage and motivate them through sport.

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  1. Set challenges – offer activities which are challenging for all your players
  2. Set goals – goals are a simple yet effective tool to help motivate athletes. Why not set goals for every child in each game?
  3. Attention – be aware of how to give feedback and demonstrate to children. Make it engaging. Ask yourself: are they paying attention?
  4. Positive feedback – children rely heavily on adult feedback, so make it positive. Praise the process not the results.
  5. Mix it up – keep changing and adapting your sessions. Don’t keep repeating the same sessions each week. Use scenarios and role models to engage children.
  6. Make it fun – children play sport for fun. Create a supportive learning environment where children can learn and enjoy themselves.
  7. Lead by example – when coaching be a leader. Inspire your athletes.
  8. Life lessons – teach children transferable skills that they can use in all areas on life.
  9. Autonomy – help children to make their own decisions and problem solve on their own.
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