How to maintain your sense of meaning and purpose during lockdown

Identify your values, what things encourage you stick to a routine, and how you can make yourself feel connected during a lockdown.

In doing so individuals can keep a sense of clarity during these changes. In this mental health infographic we look at how to maintain your sense of meaning and purpose during lockdown.


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  1. Identify your values and write down what they mean to you.
  2. Try and stay connected to people who are important and meaningful to you.
  3. Challenge yourself to learn something new. Practise learning this new skill on a regular basis.
  4. Identify a list of new things/hobbies you would like to do. Take the first step in starting this journey.
  5. Write down a list of all your positive attributes and skills. Think about how you can implement them in daily life.
  6. Set yourself some new goals you would like to achieve. These could be personal or work related.
  7. Each night before bed write down 3 good things you have done during the day. Think about what those things say about you as a person.
  8. Think about how you can support other people. Helping others not only improves connectedness but provides you with a sense of meaning and purpose.
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