How to look after your energy when at work

If you find yourself feeling flat or running out of energy during the working day it can be useful to take some time out and analyse where you may be directing that energy.

Our team look at ways to reflect on how to save your energy and look after yourself and your headspace throughout the working day with BelievePerform’s infographic – how to look after your energy when at work.

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TAKE A BREAK – To break away and have time for air, reflection and prioritisation will mean you stay at the top of your game for longer.

PLAN TO MOVE – Plan in regular activity breaks when you’ll move around a bit. Being on the move often helps with creative thinking and it certainly helps your energy levels.

LOOK AFTER YOURSELF – Look after yourself, to be at the top of your performance for others. If you want to make a difference with  people in your personal and work life start to look after yourself.

CHECK IN – Check in regularly with your body throughout the day and be aware of any energy that you might experience.

TECHNOLOGY – To have an effective break and recharge your energy levels, switch off your technology to really ‘switch’ off.

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