How to effectively communicate with children

Learning how to communicate with children can lead to improving their mental health and give them the confidence they need to express their thoughts and feelings when engaging with others and their environment.

We’ve spoken with specialists to find the best methods adults can use when talking with children by looking at tried and tested methods for encouraging deeper discussion and helping children to thoughtfully reflect on their actions and thought processes.

In this infographic our experts look at how to effectively communicate with children.

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Try and ask questions that begin with what, how and why to encourage a deep discussion.

  • How – How did that make you feel?
  • What – What did you do and why?
  • Can – Can you remember when…?
  • Why – Why did that make you feel that way?
  • If – If you had done ‘x’ how would that have changed ‘y’..?

Body language

  • Maintain good eye contact.
  • Show interest when someone responds.
  • Silence is a powerful tool. Use it to elicit thoughtful responses.
  • Be aware of body language and make sure that everyone is focused and drawn into the discussion.
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