How to deal with pressure at university

How we react to and deal with challenges enables us to adjust our approach and sharpen our problem-solving skills.

University life can help prepare for these times where students build upon their understanding and navigate various pressurised environments making them better equipped to deal with tougher periods later in adulthood.

The BelievePerform experts look at how to develop coping strategies and self-care in our mental health infographic on how to deal with pressure at university.


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  • Talk – Talk to someone about how you are feeling and the impact pressure is having on you.
  • Mindfullness– Engage in some mindfulness to help you stay in the present moment.
  • Thoughts – Write down unhelpful thoughts, identify thinking errors and challenge negative thoughts.
  • Triggers – Get to know what your triggers are and how they impact your thoughts, emotions and behaviours.
  • Self-care – Look after both your physical and mental health (sleep, food, hydration, rest, relaxation).
  • Plan – Plan out your week and get organised. Schedule in time for personal, leisure and work activities.
  • Coping – Work on developing some coping strategies to help you manage the pressure and stress.
  • Support – Speak to student services or your tutor and ask for some help/support.
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