How to Achieve your Goals

A training plan developed to help you maintain goals which you are finding difficult to achieve

What you'll learn

How to set more realistic and achievable goals

How to be more specific when setting goals

How to observe your behaviour

How to replace negative habits with positive behaviours

How to manage temptation


For many of us, setting, achieving and sticking to a goal can often be a struggle. Whether that is trying to achieve a new fitness goal, setting a new year resolution or just trying to put some goals in place focused around revision or exams, maintaining a goal can be tough.

Achieving a goal requires skills and a certain mindset. It requires hard work. It requires a good understanding of your emotions, thoughts, behaviours and the environment. It involves anticipation so that tempting rewards do not stop progress towards a goal. If you are struggling to achieve a goal then this training plan is for you.

Within the training plan we are going to help you become more focused with some practical steps that you can put in place to achieving behaviour change.

Course Content

Course Materials

Course content

1 Lecture

Welcome to your course


2 Lectures

Introduction to your training plan


Struggling with goals


Beginning the process
5 Lectures

Identify your problem


Observe your behaviour


Increasing positive behaviours


Observe successful people


Key reminders


How to manage temptations
2 Lectures

Step 1


Step 2


1 Lecture

Review slide


Course materials

8 files

  • 1. Goals you have struggled to achieve
  • 2. Identifying your problem
  • 3. Observing your behaviour
  • 4. Increasing positive behaviours
  • 5. Observing successful people
  • 6. Managing temptations
  • 7. Pros and cons of changing
  • 8. Identifying your goal


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