How teachers can support students to manage negative emotions

We look at techniques and guidance teachers, coaches and parents can use to better suppor their students and assist in their well-being.

You can use this infographic to help make meaningful changes and impact how your students manage negative emotions.

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  1. Talking – encourage students to talk to people who they trust and who will listen to how they are feeling.
  2. Connectedness –encourage students to try and build a strong network to people (family, friends, teachers) who they can open up to.
  3. Action plan – help students to come up with some solutions or actions they can take that will help them deal with their negative emotions.
  4. Identify triggers – work with  them to  try and identify triggers. This will help you to work together to make necessary changes.
  5. Exercise – promote the importance of physical activity. Exercise is great for boosting mood and reducing stress and anxiety.
  6. Relaxation – support students to learn some relaxation techniques (e.g. deep breathing) to calm both mind and body.
  7. Physical health – help students work towards looking after their physical health. Support them to maintain positive sleep habits and encourage them to eat well throughout their day.
  8. Control – support and encourage students to focus on the things that they can control like their actions or behaviours.
  9. Self soothe box – support students to create their own self soothe box that includes soothing activities or objects that connect to their senses.
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