Common job worries and how to overcome them

Our roles in the workplace and expectations we hold about ourselves within work environments can have an impact on our well-being.

This can affect our attitudes towards how we feel we are fulfilling our roles with negative thought patterns creeping in where individuals may be placing undue pressure on themselves unecessarily.

We discuss the common workplace anxieties that pop up and how to resolve those thoughts with our mental health infographic on ‘common job worries and how to overcome them.’


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Q: What will happen if I get sacked?

Q: Am I really cut out for this job?

Q: What if I make a mistake?

Q: What will happen if I fail?

Q: What if I can’t do what they asked of me?

Q; What if I do something wrong?


A: Don’t be afraid to talk to someone about worries or concern (HR or your boss).

A: Challenge the negative thoughts. Ask yourself what is the evidence for or against that thought?

A: Ask yourself – Is this a hypothetical or practical worry? If it is practical then start coming up with some solutions and an action plan to solve the problem.

A: Engage in deep breathing and breathe slowly. Progressive muscle relaxation is great for reducing physiological and psychological arousal.

A: Set aside a time each day to focus on your worries. When you experience a worry write it in a worry diary and put it on pause for your time.

A: When you experience a worry try and focus on the present moment. Use all your senses and focus on what it is you are doing.

A: Take care of yourself. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating a well-balanced diet? Are you staying hydrated? Are you staying active throughout the day? Are you exercising?

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