Building your Confidence

Learn how to regularly fuel and top up your confidence with our accessible training plan

What you'll learn

How to fuel your confidence

How to recover when your confidence is low

How elite performers use confidence

What confident performance do on a regular basis


Great performers know how important it is to work on their confidence. They invest regular time and energy to make sure their confidence is topped up on a weekly basis.  The world’s best treat confidence as a vital performance component and they don’t leave it to chance.

Within this training plan we want to provide you with information on what things confident performers have in common and help you to identify what steps you can start putting in place to regularly build your confidence. The training plan includes simple and accessible tools to fuel your confidence, build your confidence recipe and help you increase your chances of success for any upcoming event.

Course Content

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Course content

1 Lecture

Welcome to your training plan


1 Lecture

Introducing your training plan


The worlds best and confidence
1 Lecture

What do the worlds best do


5 things to know about confidence
5 Lectures

Confidence and performance


Born or made?


Focusing on the right things


Investing time and energy


Confidence fluctuates


Developing your confidence
3 Lectures

Fuel your confidence step 1


Fuel your confidence step 2


Fuel your confidence step 3


Battling back when your confidence is low
1 Lecture

How to recover your confidence when low


Confidence recipe
1 Lecture

Developing a confidence recipe


1 Lecture

Review slide


Course materials

5 files

  • 10 things you can do to build your confidence
  • 10 things to remember about confidence
  • Developing your recipe for success
  • Investing time in your confidence
  • My strengths and achievements


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