Body scan – becoming aware of emotions

Tune into how you are physically feeling inside your body to become aware of how these feelings may be affecting your emotions. Use this infographic as a guide when you want to gain a deeper understanding of what’s going on internally so you can better manage your well-being and mental health.

Our team provide tips and guidance with this infographic on the body scan – becoming aware of emotions.

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Becoming aware of sensations that go on within your body is a good way to understand how you are feeling. By becoming more aware of your emotions and feelings you will be able to identify them and learn how to manage them more effectively.

Each morning and evening assess your emotions and mental health. Firstly pay attention to your body and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is my breathing deep or relaxed?
  2. Is this a new or normal feeling?
  3. Is my heart beating fast or slow?
  4. How strong is the feeling right now? (1 – 10)?
  5. How is my body feeling?
  6. How am I feeling now?
  7. Do I feel hot or cold?
  8. Can I make the feeling stronger or weaker?
  9. Do I feel relaxed or tense?
  10. Where do I feel the emotion/sensation in my body?
  11. Do I feel tired or energetic?
  12. What physical sensations do I notice in my body?
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