9 positive behaviours that can help to boost your mental health

The BelievePerform team look at ways you can incorporate positive behaviours into your routine to help boost mental health and well-being.

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  1. Talking openly – talking openly and honestly with friends and family members can help you to problem solve and vent emotions.
  2. Exercising regularly – being active and engaging in regular exercise is a great way to boost mood and also reduce anxiety and stress.
  3. Helping others – helping others can provide you with a sense of pride, achievement and accomplishment.
  4. Meaningful activities – engaging in activities that are important to you can help provide you with a sense of meaning.
  5. Stay connected to your values when you can.
  6. Journaling – writing down thoughts and worries in a journal is a great way to understand what is going on in your mind and a useful technique for understanding triggers.
  7. Being mindful – applying mindfulness when engaging in activities is a useful way to calm your mind and stay focused on the present moment.
  8. Self-care – scheduling time in your week where you can engage in activities that provide you with a sense of calm for your mind and body is important for physical/mental health.
  9. Connecting with people – Whether it is going for a coffee with a friend, or spending quality time with family, connecting with others regularly can boost confidence and reduce anxiety.
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