9 activities to do with your child at home during lockdown to help them look after their mental health

Much in the same way that adults should try to keep to a routine and take part in activities that give us a sense of meaning and pleasure, the same can be said for children and the more the junior members of the household – especially during a lockdown.

In this infographic the BelievePerform team look at 9 activities to do with your child at home during lockdown to help them look after their mental health.


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  1. Mindful colouring – there are a number of great mindful colouring books that can boost creativity and help your child stay focused on the present moment.
  2. My happy place – find a quiet and relaxing space and for 5 minutes close your eyes and imagine yourselves in a safe, calm and soothing place.
  3. Mindfulness – encourage your child to use all their senses to try and connect with an activity that they are doing.
  4. Box breathing – use box breathing as a simple way to teach your child how to effectively engage in breathing techniques.
  5. Deep breathing – deep breathing is a great technique to help your child calm both their mind and body.
  6. Exercise – play or engage in some exercise with your child.
  7. 3 Good things – each night before bed encourage your child to write down 3 good things they have achieved from their day and what it says about them as a person.
  8. Self-soothe box – create a self soothe box with your child. This is a box that includes items which connect to all your senses and help calm you down during times of distress e.g. smell – a scented candle, sight – a picture that evokes a positive memory.
  9. Use an activity schedule and work with your child to schedule things into their week which provides them with a sense of pleasure, achievement and connectedness.
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