40 things never to say to a child

Part of being a supportive parent, role model, coach or teacher is the ability to navigate your child or student through challenging times but also refraining from indulging in negative dialogue at that child that may harm their well-being and damage their sense of self.

In this mental health infographic we look at 40 things never to say to a child.

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  • What a waste of my time.
  • I won’t forgive you.
  • I am ashamed of you
  • I’m disappointed in you.
  • That was awful.
  • That was rubbish.
  • Why can’t you be like her?
  • What’s wrong with you.
  • You aren’t even trying.
  • I could do a better job.
  • I don’t know why I bother.
  • That was pathetic.
  • Do you have no idea.
  • You are useless.
  • You have embarrassed me.
  • You’re so….
  • Because I said so.
  • Do what I told you.
  • Don’t be so stupid.
  • That was terrible.
  • You didn’t even try today.
  • You will never get better.
  • Always listen to me.
  • Wait until your…gets home.
  • Why can’t you do what I told you.
  • What’s wrong with you.
  • I don’t have time for you.
  • I know everything. Listen to me.
  • You are a waste of time.
  • After all I do for you.
  • How could you do this to me.
  • I knew you couldn’t do it.
  • You better not let me down today.
  • You’re in the way.
  • Don’t listen to your teacher.
  • Don’t listen to your coach.
  • Proper men don’t cry.
  • You are worthless.
  • I won’t listen to you.
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