20 behaviours great teams demonstrate when playing sport

Great coaches, mentors and players within the world of professional sport all understand the intrinsic value of working together in a team and recognising each other’s strengths and playing to them.

In this sport education based infographic the BelievePerform team analyse 20 behaviours great teams demostrate when playing sport.

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  1. They work hard for each other.
  2. The team praises each other.
  3. They respect the officials and opposition.
  4. They win with grace.
  5. They share the workload.
  6. They keep going and never give up.
  7. They are really good at not demotivating each other.
  8. They acknowledge good play.
  9. They lose with dignity.
  10. They share credit.
  11. They preserve even if they are losing.
  12. They show a desire to be the best.
  13. The team support each other.
  14. They play with trust for each other.
  15. They act as good role models.
  16. They take responsibility for their actions.
  17. They believe in each other.
  18. They communicate effectively with each other.
  19. They are dedicated to each other.
  20. They encourage each other.
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