15 tips for planning a coaching session

When planning a coaching session a great coach and mentor prepares thoughtfully and applies an athlete centred philosophy.

In this sports education based infographic the BelievePerform team discuss 15 tips for planning a coaching session.

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  1. Set aside plenty of time to plan your session. Don’t forget to reflect on it.
  2. Set personal goals and team goals that you want to achieve from your coaching session.
  3. Divide your time up into sections so you incorporate all the relevant activities.
  4. Prepare all the equipment before the session.
  5. Get to know each and everyone of your players. Tailor the session to meet their needs.
  6. Avoid sessions or activities where players are standing still or in lines.
  7. Prepare sessions where players can be creative and take risks.
  8. Don’t forget to make the session enjoyable for everybody.
  9. Make sure you understand the key terms and ways to demonstrate a new skill.
  10. Make sure that the content of the session is age appropriate.
  11. Plan for both a warm up and cool down within the session.
  12. Make sure that the session is engaging and allows for decision making and problem solving.
  13. Prepare sessions that allow for continuous development.
  14. Incorporate technical, tactical, social and psychological skills in your sessions.
  15. Plan activities that progress from one to the next.
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