10 ways schools can promote a culture of learning

Instill a culture of learning within schools and educational environments following these tips.

In this infographic we provide 10 ways schools can promote a culture of learning. Help your students to flourish and grow!

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  1. Curiosity – provide a culture which promotes curiosity among students.
  2. Goals – set learning goals that challenge students.
  3. Autonomy – develop students autonomy by allowing them to problem solve.
  4. Engage – make sure that you are engaging students when teaching.
  5. Questions – ask the right questions that ignite that curiosity.
  6. Environment – create a safe environment where students and staff can be genuine and honest.
  7. Growth – show interest in the growth and development of your students.
  8. Value – make sure that students feel involved and valued.
  9. Be positive – praise the effort and hard work that your students demonstrate.
  10. Behaviour – reinforce positive behaviours. Recognise when it occurs.
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