10 tips to help you manage negative thoughts

Getting caught up in negative thoughts can cause distress and knock you off balance if you find yourself constantly engaging in these types of thinking errors.

We caught up with our health experts to find straightforward solutions to dispelling these thoughts and provide you with the tools to recognise where they are coming from and how to challenge them. In this mental health infographic we provide 10 tips to help you manage negative thoughts.

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  1. Learn to problem solve and stop yourself from catastrophising.
  2. When you experience your negative thoughts write them down and challenge them.
  3. Come up with more positive alternatives.Why not try and spend some time writing down the positive thoughts you experience.
  4. Learn what triggers your negative thoughts.
  5. Find something to do that takes your mind away from the negative thoughts.
  6. Use imagery to view yourself being successful.
  7. Try and put things into perspective.
  8. Start to understand the different types of negative thoughts you are experiencing. This will help you to challenge them.
  9. Ask yourself – ‘What is the best that could happen? What is the worst that could happen? What is the most likely thing that will happen?’
  10. Learn to forgive yourself.
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