10 tips to help parents deal with stress at home

The role of a parent can take on multiple forms, and when sharing a household with a partner and children whilst the two of you are possibly working this can create a melting pot for stress.

The team look at how to create more unity within the household as well as encouraging activities that help with relaxation in our mental health infographic ’10 tips to help parents deal with stress at home’

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  • Make sure you and your family are providing each other with time and space.
  • Tap into previous coping skills and identify times past you have coped well with stress.
  • Try and stay on top of things. Be organised with your weekly routine and necessary activities.
  • Make sure you are finding time to engage in some activities that provide you with a sense of relaxation.
  • Talk to close friends or family members about how you are feeling. This can be useful for venting emotions.
  • Set out some guidelines or rules that you and your family can all work towards together.
  • Learn how to problem solve effectively. This tool is useful for managing worry and reducing stress.
  • Try and reduce conflict by listening to each other’s needs. Be patient and understanding with each other.
  • Learn and practice some coping skills such as deep breathing or imagery to calm your mind and body.
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