10 tips for staying calm under pressure

With our ’10 tips for staying calm under pressure’ the team at BelievePerform look at the human responses to pressure and tools people can develop to better understand how to stay calm whilst providing a great performance. By analysing the sources of pressure our experts look at ways to better prepare you both mentally and physically, for challenges you may face now and in the future. We study how your emotions can influence your behaviour and show the benefits of various breathing techniques to help you relax.

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  1. Understand how and why the pressure affects you.
  2. Control the controllables.
  3. Challenge your thoughts.
  4. Apply pressure in training.
  5. Visualise yourself performing.
  6. Respect your body. Eat, sleep and rest.

EMOTIONS – learn to manage your emotions effectively. Understand how your emotions can influence your behaviour and thoughts.

RELAX – try incorporating deep breathing, ratio breathing or progressive muscle relaxation in your training. This will help to control physiological and psychological arousal.

PRACTICE – practice is most effective if you can mimic the conditions that you will potentially be faced with in competition.

CHALLENGE – learn how to challenge negative thoughts into something positive.

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