10 tips for mental preparation

Prepare yoursef and get yourself mentally ready for a game by using these common techniques from our experts. Coaches, mentors and players share how they get ready for a game and how to achieve a great performance.

Paying attention to what you choose to focus upon, practicing deep breathing and staying in control of your emotions are some of the ways athletes can tune into their performance.

In this sports education based infographic the team provide 10 tips for mental preparation.

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  1. Routine – Develop your own pre-game routine which involves specific behavioural and psychological steps.
  2. Cue words – Develop your own words or phrases that are specific to your perception of a successful performance.
  3. Focus – Focus on the here and now. Focus on the present and don’t let anything distract you.
  4. Goals – Set process goals to help you reach your end goal.
  5. Breathe – Practice deep breathing to relax your physiological and psychological arousal.
  6. Imagery – Take time to imagine yourself performing successfully.
  7. Emotions – Don’t let negative emotions overcome you. Stay in control of them.
  8.  Relax – Take a few moments to gather your thoughts and focus.
  9. Positivity – Stay positive and focus on the things that you are going to do well.
  10. Be yourself – Don’t copy others. Find your own ways which will help you to mentally prepare for a game.
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