10 tips for great mental health check-ins with your team

Part of being a great leader is providing a safe and supportive environment where team members can talk freely and discuss their mental health without fear. Our experts probe deeper and look at how leaders can engage with their team to promote a healthier work environment that prioritises mental health and actively seek to provide a supportive workplace.

In this infographic we look at 10 tips for great mental health check-ins with your team.

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  1. Make sure you know of where you can signpost people to if they are struggling with their wellbeing.
  2. Be aware of any stressors or pressures and how these may be influencing individuals.
  3. Listen to what it is your team have to say. Regularly practise the skill of mindful listening.
  4. Make sure you are regularly checking in with how you are feeling.
  5. Get to know your team and understand how personal factors could be influencing their performance.
  6. Be proactive with support and ask your team if there is anything you can do to guide or help them.
  7. Praise, encourage and be proud of team members who speak openly about mental health.
  8. If someone is struggling be kind and understanding to what it is they are experiencing.
  9. If someone is struggling provide some positive actions people can engage with to look after physical and mental health.
  10. Encourage your team to talk openly about wellbeing and mental health.
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