10 reasons why it’s okay to feel sad

When we allow ourselves to feel our emotions instead of supressing them it lets us check in with ourselves. We can assess how to process feelings of sadness or melancholy when they arise and understand where they’ve come from and that it’s okay to feel this way from time to time.

Being honest about feeling sad is not a sign of weakness and brings us closer to understanding what may be going on internally.

Our team discuss why sometimes feeling down is part of feeling human and provide 10 reasons why it’s okay to feel sad in this mental health infographic.

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  • Because feeling emotions can make you stronger.
  • Because you can your emotions to assess how you feel.
  • Because no one should be ashamed to talk about their feelings.
  • Because you are helping yourself by experiencing emotions.
  • Because its not always possible to be the best version of ourselves.
  • Because we should not be afraid to admit that we are struggling.
  • Because not feeling okay is one step closer to feeling better.
  • Because you will help others realise that it is okay to be honest about how they feel.
  • Because not feelings okay is not a sign of weakness.
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