10 positive mental health habits to maintain during local lockdowns

We’re all having to adapt to changes brought about by the coronavirus. Much of the population is now working from home and families are spending much more time together in the household.

Our experts look at healthy ways to appraoch these new life changes with 10 positive mental health habits to maintain during local lockdowns.

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  1. Mindfulness – use mindfulness activities to try and stay focused on the present moment and to help calm your mind and body.
  2. Creativity – be creative and give yourself a new activity or challenge to achieve.
  3. Positive relationships – maintain relationships and try and keep in contact with friends and family via a variety of online technology.
  4. Activity planner – organise your weekend and don’t forget to schedule activities that provide you with a sense of pleasure and achievement.
  5. Tap into positive emotions – tap into positive emotions. Each night before bed write down 3 good things you have achieved from your day.
  6. Relaxation time – make sure you have time scheduled to engage in some self-care activities and relaxation.
  7. Family teamwork – work together with your family as a team. Support, listen, care, help and be there for each other.
  8. Talk and ask for support – talk to others about what you are feeling and thinking and don’t be afraid to ask for help.
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